Welcoming: activities and services in the hall

During the program, the entire area of MalpensaFiere will be set up to accommodate and entertain the thousands of people that travel to meet Amma and receive her darshan. In the main hall you will find information stands dedicated to the humanitarian activities carried out globally by Embracing The World, as well as stands from India, selling products such as books, CD’s and artifacts. The proceeds of each sale will go directly to the humanitarian activities of the Association.
A table will be dedicated to the Amma Italia association and the activities carried out on the Italian territory. There will be a reception desk at the entrance of the exhibition center where visitors can receive information about the program and an info point desk for services offered in the area (such as accommodation and transport).
Our canteen will serve delicious Western and Eastern Indian meals throughout the three-day program.
At our food and beverage area, you will enjoy Indian and non-Indian snacks, juice, freshly made pizza and many other delicious fresh products.
There will also be a bakery stand and an organic food stand.
Everything is prepared and served with love, by our dedicated volunteers.
We will offer a child-friendly space, where kids can participate in games and recycling workshops.
For the duration of the programme, if interested, you will be able to subscribe and attend some Amritayoga lessons. Amritayoga is the yoga style created by Amma.
At times (during the second and third day of the programme) Pujas – ancient rituals for creating peace and harmony in the world – will be performed.
During the event, there will be an area dedicated to Shiatzu where you can receive a massage.
There will also be a green area where you can buy organic plants and seeds.
For all the above mentioned activities and events a contribution quote is requested to the participants to support Amma’s visit to Italy and ETW.