Amma will be at MalpensaFiere

Busto Arsizio (VA), from the 9th to 11th november, 2019.

Amma’s public meetings are made possible thanks to the generous support of more than 800 volunteers from diverse professional fields: their service allows us to keep organizational costs low whilst ensuring that funds go directly into the various humanitarian projects of Embracing The World.

The subscriptions for selfless service will open on the 4th october 2019 at 09:00!

 Attention: please click on UK flag in the upper right corner of the subscription form!

For Amma’s coming

Here is some useful information for the public who wish to participate:

* Entrance to the program is open to everybody and is free of charge.
* You will need a ticket to receive Amma’s embrace.
* Tickets are free and will be handed out ONE HOUR AND A QUARTER BEFORE the start of   the program, and will be first come, first served.
* Children will also need a ticket.

During the program

 Practical Information

 . At specific times, children’s and teenagers’ areas will be set up with games and workshops. Please note that the organizers take no responsibility for the safety of children and teenagers at the event.

. During the three-day program, a restaurant area with Western and Indian vegetarian menus will be in operation.

. Different stands will be set up for the presentation of humanitarian and ecological activities. Books, CD’s and various products will also be on sale, with all proceeds going to Amma’s international charitable organization Embracing The world.



.  The number of tickets available to receive Amma’s embrace is limited, therefore we recommend that you arrive early.

.  For safety reasons, pets are not allowed in any of the program areas, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

.  No video or audio recordings will be allowed, unless you are an accredited journalist.

.  For security reasons, we remind all participants to please vacate the hall at the end of the program.

.  We invite everyone to respect the event by avoiding inappropriate behavior.

Musical instruments will not be allowed in the area, except for authorized musicians.

. For safety reasons suitcases and bulky luggage won’t be allowed inside MalpensaFiere.
  They have to be dropped at the storage facility and collected ONLY when leaving the building.
. You will not be allowed to sleep or camp in the corridor or in other indoor enviroments during
  Devi Bhava


Amma’s hug: the Darshan

“I will continue to embrace until I have enough strength to help all those who come to me. I will put my hand on the crying person’s shoulder. Caressing people with love, comforting them and wiping their tears until the end of this mortal form – this is my wish. “Amma


Mata Amritanandamayi, best known as Amma, is a humanitarian and spiritual leader, leading the global movement Embracing The World, and is an inspiration to thousands of volunteers around the world.
Thanks to the vastness of Embracing The World’s actions and the strong message of peace (of which She is a personal example), Amma is regularly invited to participate in numerous international summits organised by the United Nations and UNESCO.
As a true citizen of the world, Amma holds free public programs all over India, Europe, the United States and Australia, as well as Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Africa and South America. In her speeches, She offers words of wisdom and advice on personal fulfillment, while simultaneously addressing the most pressing issues facing our society. From climate change to terrorism, to the tensions arising from the intersection of different cultures, to poverty and women’s rights, Amma invites us to participate in the process of building a more committed and careful society.
In December 2014, together with religious leaders from all over the world, Amma was invited by Pope Francis to sign a joint statement on the commitment to the abolition of modern slavery and human trafficking by 2020. On the 8th of July 2015, She opened the United Nations Conference on Technology for Sustainable Development, as Chancellor of Amrita University. On the 20th of July 2015, She was invited to attend the Climate Minds Summit, Why Do I Care, at the Paris Elysee, along with 40 other religious personalities, in the presence of the President of the French Republic Hollande.
On 9 May this year, the first stone of the new Institute of Medical Science and Amrita Research Center, (which will have 2000 beds) was laid out on the outskirts of Faridabad (Dheli’s metropolitan area).
This new hospital is situated in a densely populated area and will service many people. These services will be administered by members of the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center (AIMS) in Cochin.The AIMS, among other things, stands out as one of the largest Indian hospitals for organ transplants. Over the last fifteen years, the Center for Excellence in Organ Transplants has performed around 1012 transplants, including heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, bone marrow, and small intestine, as well as compound tissues, such as hands and face.
In 2015, for the first time in India, 2 patients, Manu and Abdul Rahim, had both of their hands transplanted. After a year of rehabilitation, both patients were able to re-enter their workplace.
At the inauguration of the construction of the new hospital, Haryana’s Prime Minister praised Amma and her charitable works, saying: “India has a long tradition of saints who work for social reforms and help the poor. Mata Amritanandamayi is a brilliant example; She is the incarnation of love and compassion, and works tirelessly for the good of all humanity, considering service to the poor as the greatest form of worship. Throughout the world, her organization is providing exceptional service in education and healthcare.”
Amma always concludes her programs by embracing each participant. Amma has offered her embrace, known as darshan, to more than 38 million people worldwide. After her embrace, many people have felt the urge to offer their service to those in need.
A simple gesture – the embrace of a mother – has become the catalyst and the symbol of Embracing The World.
When she was asked why she hugs people, during an interview with the BBC, Amma replied: “It’s like asking a river, ‘Why do you flow?’ It happens spontaneously, because flowing is the nature of the river. Likewise, Amma’s nature is similar to the one of a mother who expresses love for her children.”


Welcoming: activities and services in the hall

During the program, the entire area of MalpensaFiere will be set up to accommodate and entertain the thousands of people that travel to meet Amma and receive her darshan. In the main hall you will find information stands dedicated to the humanitarian activities carried out globally by Embracing The World, as well as stands from India, selling products such as books, CD’s and artifacts. The proceeds of each sale will go directly to the humanitarian activities of the Association.
A table will be dedicated to the Amma Italia association and the activities carried out on the Italian territory. There will be a reception desk at the entrance of the exhibition center where visitors can receive information about the program and an info point desk for services offered in the area (such as accommodation and transport).
Our canteen will serve delicious Western and Eastern Indian meals throughout the three-day program.
At our food and beverage area, you will enjoy Indian and non-Indian snacks, juice, freshly made pizza and many other delicious fresh products.
There will also be a bakery stand and an organic food stand.
Everything is prepared and served with love, by our dedicated volunteers.
We will offer a child-friendly space, where kids can participate in games and workshops.
For the duration of the programme, if interested, you will be able to subscribe and attend some Amritayoga lessons. Amritayoga is the yoga style created by Amma.
At times (during the second and third day of the programme) Pujas – ancient rituals for creating peace and harmony in the world – will be performed.
During the event, there will be an area dedicated to Shiatzu where you can receive a massage.
There will also be a green area where you can buy organic plants and seeds.
For all the above mentioned activities and events a contribution quote is requested to the participants to support Amma’s visit to Italy and ETW.



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Shuttle Service from Busto Arsizio Railway Station

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Accomodations outside Centro Congressi Malpensafiere



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Accomodations inside Centro Congressi MalpensaFiere

Reserved ONLY for sevaites who do seva 6 hours a day for 3 days of the progrAmma and the Devi Bhava Night too!

Subscriptions to do seva to the Italian progrAmma are open and will close at the beginning of November 2019

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